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Author and storyteller


"This is one of the clearest books on energy and elemental work that I have come across. Easy to follow without a bunch of extra fluffy stuff."

Amazon Reviews


“I can't begin to express how much I love these stories. I've always been a fan of mytholiterature, for lack of a better word. Why things are stories, whether from "real" mythos or "made up" for the sake of some children's book, are just generally warm fuzzies for me.”


“The human creature has always had a fascination for seeking the ‘why’ of origination. Myth and legend abound with explanations, some far fetched and others more reasonable. In Cael Jacobs newly concocted collection of myths the author reaches back to wilder times stemming from the unexplored dawn of creation. Some characters may seem familiar, but these tales are fresh and crisp, conveyed to his audience in a delightful voice.”


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