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Corvus Review - Issue 2S

Waiting for Auberon

A young man finds himself drawn into a conversation with an old woman sitting on a boardwalk bench on a summer evening.  As he listens to the story that she tells, he realizes that she may not be all she seems to be.

Image by Jr Korpa

Spring 2015

Thought Notebook


All of existence is a circle, and the Piskies of the Mandala mark the turning of that circle day upon day, year upon year.  When young Savala starts working on the Mandala with the others, he finds himself with a mentor who teaches him of the cycle he is living.

Image by nibras al-riyami

June 2015

Circle Magazine - Pentacles

Long and long ago, when the stars were new and the trees we think of as old were still just tiny seeds and acorns, there lived a Lady and a Lord, and they made their home in a Sacred Grove.  They were known to people all across the world by different names.  Some people called them Ceridwen and Cernunnos; some called them Asherah and El; some called them Zeus and Hera; but there was one person in the entire world who had a special name for them:  she called them "Mother" and "Father".


Winter 2010

Oder of Bards Ovates and Druids - Eisteddfod Winner, Prose Category

One day, a man who was on a journey of spiritual growth heard of a wise man who lived at the top of the mountain.He set out to climb that mountain, to learn from the wise man. After hours of climbing, he sat down upon a stone to rest his feet, and as he did so, he noticed a sweet fragrance in the air. When he looked down, he saw a patch of tiny flowers nestled in the moss beside the stone...

Image by NEOM

May 2006

Through Storm and Flood

The wedding day, and each day leading up to it, is a special and exciting time. In this collection of 101 heartwarming and hilarious stories, brides and grooms, families and friends share their memories of the big day. With stories about everything from the proposal, to the planning, to actual wedding day events, the honeymoon, and all the joys and frustrations in between, this book will delight and encourage any bride or newlywed. A great gift for bridal showers, engagements, and weddings!

Here Comes the Bride - Chicken Soup for the Soul - cover_art_21653.jpg

May 2012

Tales from the Wilder Forest

The Maple's New Dress

As everyone knows, in the Wilder Forest there live the Dryads, the spirits of the wood, who make their homes in the trunks of trees.  What you may not know (and what I am here to tell you) is a secret that the People of the Trees have kept safe for many years:  Every single tree, no matter how ancient and tall, no matter how tiny and young, is the home to one of the People.

Not all of them are Dryads, of course, for a Dryad is always female.  But most every Dryad has a brother, and those brothers are called the Dru.  This is the tale of one Dru in particular.  His name is Ottum.


April 2014


The Sundering of Hyvus

One of the greatest dangers of the world is when a gentle soul has everything taken from him, and he reaches within and finds that all his art, all his poetry, all his craft were merely ways to channel what darkness he carries in a positive way.  When Hyvus loses all he has, the world discovers what it is like to feel the wrath of one who was kind.

Image by USGS

October 2015

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