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Years ago, when Cael and his wife, Liz* were making plans for an overnight camping event called Fertile Ground Gathering, they wanted to have stories to tell around the bonfire.  They searched for stories that spoke to them, that had the feel of tales from ancient times but which spoke to the modern ear.  They were unable to find any stories that fit exactly what they wanted to be able to share, so Cael decided to write a few of his own to tell.

That writing journey began with The Girl Who Lost the Moon, a tale of a young girl who received the moon as a gift, and who had it taken from her, and who still searches for it to this day.

Each story he wrote opened doors to new ideas, and asked questions that only more stories could answer, and before he knew it, Cael had dozens of stories to tell: Why do trees change colors in the waning of the year? What caused the first drop of rain to fall?  Who created the stars that light the vast blackness of the night sky?  Cael has stories for each of these, and many others, and when darkness falls and the bonfire is lit, he steps forth and tells them, in a way that captures the imagination and causes people to ask for another story and another after that.

All of Cael's stories are engaging for adults, but also appropriate for children, and so they are a great fit for events of any kind.  If you would like to have a storyteller like no other enrich your event with new myths that sound as if they were first spoken ages ago, Cael is available for booking anywhere in the greater Washington DC area, and farther away by special arrangement.  Please reach out to inquire.

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